Terms & Conditions Loyalty


  1. SHOEBALOO Loyalty is a loyalty program operated by SHOEBALOO under which Members can acquire a membership status that allow them Privileges in respect of Qualifying Purchases. Members can acquire credits by purchasing online while logged into My account or by showing their QR code during offline purchases. They can redeem these credits for vouchers, which they can use for future purchases at SHOEBALOO.
  2. These terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions SHOEBALOO Loyalty”) govern any agreement regarding SHOEBALOO, including collecting and redeeming Credits and the use of Privileges.
  3. A Member will only participate in SHOEBALOO Loyalty after she or he has confirmed in 'My account' that she or he agrees to the Loyalty Terms & Conditions, the Privacy Statement, and is 16 years or older.
  4. Upon registering for SHOEBALOO Loyalty, a Member warrants that she or he has provided SHOEBALOO with a valid e-mail address and that she or he has truthfully filled out the required fields to duly register for SHOEBALOO Loyalty. A Member can only be a natural person. SHOEBALOO may refuse an application for any reason.
  5. Any membership of SHOEBALOO Loyalty is strictly personal and it is not transferable. Also Credits, Vouchers and Privileges are not transferable.
  6. SHOEBALOO may at any time and in its absolute discretion refuse or revoke any Member's membership of the Program in which case SHOEBALOO Loyalty will be forfeited and Credits will be cancelled.
  7. SHOEBALOO has the right to withdraw, cancel or change the terms of the Program and of these Terms and Conditions SHOEBALOO Loyalty at any time. SHOEBALOO can not be held liable for any loss, costs or damages as a result thereof. For up-to-date terms and conditions, Members should refer to https://shoebaloo.nl/loyalty/terms--conditions-loyalty.
  8. A Member will be deemed to have accepted any changes of the Program and/or of the Terms and Conditions SHOEBALOO Loyalty by her or his continued use of the Program.



  1. Upon acceptance, a Member will acquire membership status and its entitlement to Privileges belonging to her or his member status. For each euro spend at SHOEBALOO, a Member acquires one Credit.
  2. For the purpose of accruing Credits, Qualifying Purchases will take effect on the day after the purchase. Accrued Credits are 30 days pending, to await the return period. Credits will be confirmed after the expiry of the return period.
  3. In order to collect Credits during an offline purchase, a Member must present her or his QR-Code at the moment of payment.
    In order to collect Credits during an online purchase, a Member must be logged into her or his account at the moment of payment. Upon acquiring sufficient Credits, a Member will reach a certain membership level.
  4. Members acquire Privileges as follows; (a) BLUE member: acquire and maintain 0 up to 1.499 Credits over a consecutive period of 24 months; (b) SILVER member: acquire and maintain 1.500 up to 7.499 Credits over a consecutive period of 24 months; and (c) GOLD member: acquire and maintain 7.500 Credits or more over a consecutive period of 24 months.
  5. Credits earned before 07-07-2020 will lapse on 07-07-2021.
    Credits earned after 07-07-2020 lapse after 24 months after the day of the Qualifying Purchase(s) for which the Credits have been granted. Credits can be used in light of the Privileges and/or Credits can be redeemed for vouchers. For the avoidance of doubt: Credits and Privileges may not be redeemed against any goods or cash.



  1. Qualifying Purchases under SHOEBALOO Loyalty are all purchases made by a Member in the following SHOEBALOO stores; P.C. Hooftstraat 80, Amsterdam; Koningsplein 5-7, Amsterdam; Kruiskade 57C, Rotterdam; Stokstraat 25A, Maastricht; and online at shoebaloo.nl.
  2. SHOEBALOO may add or cancel locations, the website and/or partner programs for Qualifying Purchases at any time and in its sole discretion. For up-to-date locations, Members can check www.shoebaloo.nl or contact the customer care team at loyalty@shoebaloo.nl.



  1. Each Member will be given a SHOEBALOO Account that can be accessed through https://shoebaloo.nl/log-in--register-account. The username is the Member’s e-mail address and a Member chooses a password. It is solely the responsibility of the Member for using a sound password and to always keep it safe and secure.
  2. SHOEBALOO will provide regular account statements to active Members. Members may also check their SHOEBALOO Loyalty status by logging on to their SHOEBALOO Account.
  3. If a Member is given a refund or other financial adjustment in connection with any Qualifying Purchase, the Credits acquired therewith should be adjusted accordingly.
  4. Any request for Credits relating Qualifying Purchases where the QR-Code has not been presented at the time of purchase, must be made within seven days after the Qualifying Purchase. A copy of the purchase receipt is required. Otherwise SHOEBALOO may refuse such request.



  1. Depending on the membership status, Members are entitled to the following Privileges:

  2. The Privileges, at the sole discretion of SHOEBALOO, may be subject to certain limitations, exclusions and/or restrictions. Any changes to the terms and conditions relating to Privileges will be made available to Members from time to time in further correspondence and/or through their SHOEBALOO Account.
  3. Members who are entitled to take part in the selected 10% (SILVER members) and 20% (GOLD members) discount days will be notified approximately one week prior to such discount days. Some brands or products may be excluded from participating in these selected discount days.



  1. Members can redeem accrued Credits for a Voucher, which she or he can redeem during future Qualifying Purchases.
  2. Members acquire Vouchers as follows; 200 credits in exchange for a € 10,- voucher; 900 credits in exchange for a € 50,- voucher; 1.500 credits in exchange for a € 100,- voucher; 3.500 credits in exchange for a € 250,- voucher or 6.000 credits in exchange for a € 500,- voucher.
  3. Vouchers may contain certain conditions and restrictions. A minimum spend applies to each voucher, as described here; voucher € 10, - minimum spend €10,-; voucher € 50.- minimum spend €50,-; voucher € 100.- minimum spend €100,-; voucher € 250.- minimum spend €250,-; voucher € 500.- minimum spend €500,-. 
  4. It is not possible to redeem multiple vouchers during the same purchase.
  5. Vouchers are non-refundable and can only be redeemed once. A voucher or credits will not be refunded when a product is purchased and returned with a voucher.
  6. Vouchers cannot be redeemed on sale items and cannot be used in combination with other promotions.
  7. Vouchers lapse 6 months after the day the voucher was issued. Vouchers can only be used for future Qualifying Purchases made in one of the SHOEBALOO stores or on shoebaloo.nl. Vouchers may not be redeemed against any goods or cash.
  8. SHOEBALOO has the right to change the Voucher conditions and/or restrictions at any time. For up-to-date conditions and restrictions, members should refer to https://shoebaloo.nl/loyalty/terms--conditions-loyalty.



  1. SHOEBALOO can not be held liable for any damages resulting from unauthorized use of the QR-Code or the SHOEBALOO Account.
  2. Members are personally liable for any and all fees, costs, charges, claims or liabilities (including taxes) of whatever nature arising from their membership of the Program. SHOEBALOO does not charge a membership fee.
  3. Members shall notify SHOEBALOO immediately by updating their personal profile or by sending an e-mail to loyalty@shoebaloo.nlin case of any change of e-mail address and other relevant personal details of a Member.



  1. SHOEBALOO is the data controller of any personal information that it collects about Members in relation to SHOEBALOO Loyalty. Any personal information collected from Members will only be used in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, other applicable laws in the Netherlands and with the Terms and Conditions SHOEBALOO Loyalty.
  2. SHOEBALOO has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against loss or any form of unlawful processing. For more information about the protection of your privacy, please check our Privacy Statement.
  3. By participating in the Program, a Member consents expressly to SHOEBALOO for the collecting and storing of any information provided by the Member to SHOEBALOO regarding enrolment and participation in the Program and information relating to the Member's transactions, purchases with SHOEBALOO. This will include personal data about the Member including, the Member's name, address, e-mail address, social media and phone numbers and transactions with SHOEBALOO. SHOEBALOO will only share a Member's personal information with carefully selected third party partners to assist with the operation of the Program (including the provision of Privileges).
  4. SHOEBALOO will use a Member's personal information for the purposes of:
    1. A administering the Program (including the provision of Privileges);
    2. market research and statistical analysis;
    3. offering the Member products and services that are likely to be of interest including special events, offers, promotions, publications and catalogues by post, e-mail, mobile/landline phone and/or through any social network if the Member has provided such details and consents to SHOEBALOO by opting.
  5. SHOEBALOO will never keep personal data longer than necessary.
  6. A Member can opt-out of receiving information from SHOEBALOO at any time by following the instructions via the SHOEBALOO Account, or by contacting the customer care team of SHOEBALOO by e-mail at loyalty@shoebaloo.nl.



A Member can choose to leave the Program at any time by following the instructions via the SHOEBALOO Account, or by sending an e-mail to this effect to loyalty@shoebaloo.nl.



The Terms and Conditions SHOEBALOO Loyalty make use of the following definitions:
Credit: a unit (1) for the purpose of calculating the status of a Member within the Program and (2) which a Member can redeem for a voucher.
Member: a participant who has duly subscribed to SHOEBALOO Loyalty.
Privileges: means the benefits as included in the table of clause 5.1.
Program (also: SHOEBALOO Loyalty): the loyalty program operated by SHOEBALOO for Members where such customers can acquire credits that award certain benefits under these terms and conditions.
SHOEBALOO: SHOEBALOO B.V., a private limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands.
SHOEBALOO Account: the online account of a Member with SHOEBALOO that can be accessed through https://shoebaloo.nl/log-in--register-account by means of a username and password.
QR-Code: the quick response (QR) code that is being used by SHOEBALOO for the purpose of the Program.
Qualifying Purchases: the purchase transactions between SHOEBALOO and a Member within the meaning of clause 3.1.
Voucher: a coupon of a certain value, which can be redeemed by a Member while purchasing at SHOEBALOO.



The agreement between SHOEBALOO and the Member regarding the Program, including the Terms and Conditions SHOEBALOO Loyalty, is governed by Dutch law.